"Cooked Year": The hardship and beauty of seeing Chinese -style families

Author: Tian Guang

According to the novel of the same name of Yibei, the 39 -episode TV series "Cooked Year" directed by Liu Xin, directed by Liu Xin, starring Liu Xin, starring Hao Lei, Wang Ou, Tang Yixin, Song Dandan, Liu Yijun, Zhang Guoqiang, etc. recently aired on CCTV comprehensive channel and iQiyi platform.The greater response also caused some controversy.

The "Cooked Year" is an unused word in modern Chinese, and its original meaning is the year of harvest; in Japan, the "mature years" refers to the ethnic group between the age of 45 and 64.According to the author’s understanding, the title of "Nature" should have both the above two meanings, and expanded, which almost covers the entire adult group from youth to middle age to old age, showing their confusion and troubles, growth and gains.EssenceAt the same time, compared to conventional expression methods such as "adults" or "middle -aged", the "mature years" bring people a freshness and strange effect, which can also stimulate the desire to explore the audience. ThereforeSuccessful.

"Nian Nian" is a contemporary family drama, and it is also a social problem drama.Through the survival status and realistic dilemma of the Ni family’s three generations, the play truly reflects various problems that contemporary Chinese adults need to face, such as emotional problems, marriage, family problems, pension problems, housing problems, workplace problems, etc.EssenceFrom a deeper point of view, it reflects the problems of the relationship between people and themselves and others, the relationship between individuals and families and society, and the conflict and integration of modern ideas and traditional concepts behind them.

In the unified drama, almost every character is in the predicament, challenges and choices.Mrs. Ni lost her husband in the early years and worked hard to raise the three children. In his later years, he had Alzheimer’s disease. How can the old man’s support problem be solved?Zhang Chunmei is a deputy editor of the best -selling magazine. Her husband is a respected university professor. He originally had a beautiful and beautiful life in the eyes of outsiders.The work and life of work and life are all the feathers; Wu Erhu and Ni Weimin are at the bottom of the city. They squeezed them in a small two -bedroom room with their son -in -law.For new women who are independent and self -strong, she does not want He Zhichao to delay the future because of taking care of herself, so she threatens to promote her study abroad with a divorce.Hard hard work, but her husband Ni Jun is a "Mom Bao Man" who is so safe.

This drama fully shows the real situation of contemporary Chinese adults and families, while the middle -aged crisis is the focus of the play’s focus.Zhang Chunmei and Ni Weiqiang are a perfect couple that makes people envy. Both of them have a decent work, a good life, and a high social status. However, after entering middle age, their marriage has turned on the red light.The reasons for their divorce are very complicated, the aesthetic fatigue, the poor communication, the boredom of the dull daily life, the break free of the other party, the longing for another lifestyle, their own psychological problems, the happiness for the other party … worth noting to be noteworthy …Yes, when "Cooked Year" describes their marriage crisis, it does not adopt the common empathy and love mode in the love drama.The physical and mental health of individuals and the happy life of the family.In the process of struggling with depression, some problems of some or obvious or implicit problems were gradually presented, which undoubtedly enhanced the breadth and depth of society’s life.At the same time, in the process of misunderstanding, complaining, resentment, compassion, sympathy, self -blame, and self -blame, and in the process of helping Ni Weiqiang to defeat the disease and saving his life and marriage, we can experience the dilemma and hardships of Chinese -style families.On the other hand, you can also feel the tenderness and beauty of Chinese -style families.Today, today’s work and lifestyle and family concepts have changed significantly. How to inherit and promote Chinese traditional ethics is an important proposition before us.Where.

Taking women as the main performance objects, it has shaped a group of typical female groups, which is a more prominent artistic characteristic of "Cooked Year".Mothers and wives often live in the center and hub in modern Chinese families. The hardships and beauty of Chinese -style families have a better manifestation in mothers and wives.Several major female characters in the play, although different personalities and different types, have such situations to varying degrees: they must work hard as men, but also to handle housework than men.Children’s study, work, love, marriage, childbirth, and have to urge her husband to have successful careers, make money to support their families, and strictly prevent death in order to avoid their emotional derailment.The most collapsed is that they do everything for the family, but in the end they can’t fall well. Children, husbands, and elderly people seem to be their own enemies, so they can’t be caught in grievances and skeptical emotions.Great yourself.Contemporary Chinese women’s "desire for control" and anxiety have been truly vivid in these female characters.In the play, women themselves and their families have deeply self -reflection and positive psychological adjustments, and eventually reached "reconciliation" with each other. The ending is naturally happy.We can see that whether in literary works or in real life, "female strong men and men" have become a noticeable phenomenon. Among them, the hidden contemporary Chinese families and social issues are worthy of attention.

"Nature" adopts a realistic way of expression. Although sometimes it can also create some suspense and dramatic effects, in general, it is flat: ordinary characters, ordinary life, plain plot, peaceful emotionsThe gentle rhythm, even those who have a large plot undulating, are not shocked in the eyes of the audience, and there are very few climaxes that are bloody.Of course, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, because this style is more consistent with the content and themes that the show shows.But having said that, if the creator can spend more ink and ink on the main characters on the basis of maintaining the existing style, and describing the subtle emotional context and twists and turns, then not only the character image will be fuller, only the character image will be fuller.And it will also greatly enhance the infectious power of the whole drama, thereby achieving better artistic effects.

The play has a more prominent feature in terms of artistic expression, the use of comedy elements.In order to enhance the fun and visible episodes of this realistic color, the creators consciously joined some comedic characters and comedic plots, which not only made the whole drama too dull, but also more shaped to shape more.The three -dimensional character has played a good role.In Wu Erhu and Ni Weimin’s husband and wife, this is the most prominent. Their humor, humor, self -mocking, ridiculousness of each other, and even the true love of the truth make them the biggest source of joy in the play.It should be pointed out that the reason why it can achieve this effect is directly related to the precise grasp of characters and relaxation interpretations of Song Dandan and Zhang Guoqiang.It can perfectly integrate the sense of joy and tragedy unique to the underlying small figures, which shows that the two actors have a deep accumulation of life and exquisite artistic skills.

Wonderful strokes must be liked, and there is no need to say that the shortcomings are not needed.Some character settings and plot designs of the play are problems in the author’s opinion. For example, He Zhichao and his aunt, mother, and happy teacher and other characters, as well as this line, is a bit far -fetched, or the whole playThe main purpose is a bit disconnected.In the original novel, Ni Weizhen and middle -aged director Du Zhengyang lived together. Du Yin died unexpectedly. Ni Weizhen took Du Gu’s mother’s mother to live with herself.And the theme of deepening the pension in the play.After the adaptation line, because the characters and plot settings are not reasonable enough, and the actor’s performance is not very powerful, this line appears to be crooked in the entire drama.Embarrassment has become the "hardest hit area" that the play has spit the most by the audience.

In the film and television drama that reflects real life and social problems, how to comprehensively use a variety of artistic means to deal with the relationship between realism and freehand, narrative and lyrics, positive dramas and comedies, problems and charactersThere is no lack of dramatic and exciting stories. Entering the rich and complex inner world of the characters in the play, in the immersion and departure of emotions, observe social reality and understand the meaning of life, so as to achieve the original intention of creation. This is a serious thinking.The problem.

(Author Unit: School of Literature, Lanzhou University)

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