"Civil Code" takes effect, no longer forced pre -marital inspections?Don’t worry, one of the people who should protect it also fall

On January 1, 2021, the Civil Code was officially effective.A series of words such as "divorce calm period", "co -debt and co -sign", "voluntary pre -marital inspection" have become keywords for hot search.

Before entering the marriage hall, everyone usually cares about the health status of the partners who will spend a lifetime in the future.

However, since the pre -marital examination is no longer enforced, if the partner does not take the initiative to show, he cannot know whether the other party has any hidden diseases.After all, no one is seeing the eyes. From the appearance, everyone is good.

If both men and women in marriage do not understand the health of each other, what is the difference between "blind marriage and dumb"?

Think about the plot of the "Golden Er Wife" in the TV series "The Gate of the House". In the old society, many people do not think about how to live in the future, but how to hide the bride, as long as they enter the cave room even if they are all good.

Regardless of whether you are physical disability or health, as long as the raw rice is cooked into a cooked rice, the bride wants to regret it.

Are there any people who want to use this trick?What do you think? This is the rule of law in the 21st century. How can the country allow such obvious loopholes in the law?

Although the "mandatory marriage inspection" is canceled, the two parties can voluntarily conduct a marriage inspection, and as long as they meet the relevant regulations, there are more free policies to enjoy.

Some people will say that if the object is ironic and wants to hide me, make excuses to not go to the marriage inspection or let me see the result, wouldn’t I be deceived?

In the past, she did not find that her wife had infectious diseases for a long time after marriage, but things that the woman’s family concealed together.

But those who have studied political courses know that although the law is lagging, it will continue to improve with the development of society.

In the "Marriage Law", "diseases that are medical that they should not get married" are prohibited from getting married and "pre -marital diseases that do not think that they should not be married, and the invalidity of marriage after marriage has been deleted.

Re -setting in the "Civil Code", one party who suffers from major illnesses shall be informed of the other party before marriage; it is better to inform the other party, and the other party can ask the people’s court to revoke the marriage.

In other words, assuming that there is a couple who has been in love for many years is preparing for the marriage period, and suddenly one of them was found out of a serious illness with some kind of serious illness that was not suitable for marriage by medicine. Regardless of the two people love each other, marriage was also invalid.

Today, as long as the other party knows and understands the lover’s condition, it still decides to work together to register together. Not only will they get the blessings of the family, but they will also be protected by the law.

In the past, those who had severe diseases before marriage tried to conceal the sky. After being discovered by my partner after marriage, they had to pay the price for their actions.

The party who considers to be deceived and deceived can not only ask for a cancellation of marriage, but also as a basis for the other party to compensate. As long as you don’t want, no one can force you to "just".

On the first working day of "Civil Code" on January 4, a special couple divorce case was applied to the regulations.

The plaintiff Li and the defendant Jiang entered the marriage hall smoothly after acquaintance. After Ms. Li was pregnant, when she was looking forward to the baby in the belly, Mr. Jiang actively confessed to her and suffered from AIDS for several years.And have been taking medicine.

For Ms. Li, who is about to be a mother, this news is tantamount to the thunderbolt. The partner has this disease. Everyone knows what it means.

Because Mr. Jiang has been taking medicine for treatment, Ms. Li has not been infected, which is also unfortunate.Although her body is not bad, her feelings have cracks, and Ms. Li, who is discouraged, has struggled to decide to terminate pregnancy and sue to cancel marriage.

The court believes that although Mr. Jiang’s illness does not belong to a disease that causes invalid marriage, it is a major illness that has not been talked about before marriage.

Ms. Li’s demands should be supported, and the court finally judged that the marriage relationship was canceled.As a faulty party, Ms. Li can not only relieve the marriage relationship, but also have the right to claim damage compensation.

This "first case of the year" can be described as perfectly applicable to the newly added regulations in the Civil Code.Rights and interests escort.

I still remember that when the Civil Code was just known to the public, it was scolded for a hot search for the setting of the "demeanor’s calm period".

Everyone preconceived that the implementation of the Civil Code is to allow the public to maintain the marriage relationship as much as possible, which makes women who are wronged in marriage feel more unfairly treated.

Some girls who do not know the truth say they are more afraid of marriage.

However, this classic divorce case was obviously injected with a "strong heart" for the young people standing before the marriage door.

Marriage should be based on the premise of voluntary and harmonious, and the legal effects of family relationships concluded by both men and women.

However, because it involves many aspects such as economy and interpersonal relationships, the marriage relationship can be a simple family of three homes, which may be a source of pain full of calculations and despair.

The setting of voluntary marriage inspections was originally based on national conditions. After all, there are many ways to perform physical examinations for young people.

If both men and women have performed a comprehensive physical examination before marriage, they have a comprehensive understanding of their own health. It is also to avoid excessive waste of medical resources.

Want to know the health of their health, and men and women who have the consciousness of "eugenics and educational" can reasonably arrange a marriage check time based on their own time.

Do you want to tell the other party ’s problem that it has troubled many people. In fact, how can people eat grain miscellaneous grains?

There are not a few people who accept a patient as a partner. How many people have you seen as a couple with a liar?Compared with the body’s disease, loyalty and honesty are the criteria for judging whether a person deserves a lifetime.

The condition is likely to improve. If there is a problem with a character, a problem is the biggest hidden danger in marriage.For those acts of concealing medical history, most of the partners are unbearable.

Pre -marital examinations can not only investigate whether the newlyweds have health problems in advance, but physical examinations before marriage or during pregnancy will help to ensure a healthy new life and make the process of pregnancy and child more smooth.

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