"Chinese Medicine Parenting" cold temperature adjustment during pregnancy

Because pregnant women have been pregnant for a long time, they need to go through at least three seasons. If you do not pay attention during this period, you may get a cold and get sick.

After women are pregnant, qi and blood starts to raise their tires, and their expressions are not solid. The so -called expressions of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the barriers of fur, which is its ability to resist external evils.One manifestation of unsteady expression is that pregnant women, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, are prone to sweating, because when people sweat, they open it. At that time, the cold wind blows out. At this timeEssence

Some antibiotic medicines cannot be used, especially some antipyretics, let alone.It is best to use the method of dietary treatment, so the cold temperature debugging during pregnancy is very important, and clothing is also very important.

For example, the pregnant woman who loves to eat mutton mentioned earlier is very simple to deal with Chinese medicine. The body like her is an internal heat constitution, because I know through the chat, and then it is caused by eating lamb.If it is scattered, it cannot be scattered. This kind of rash will appear without it.

Therefore, the solution in traditional Chinese medicine, like mung beans, mulberry leaves, and chrysanthemums, and then put some black, rock sugar, black plum and rock sugar to regulate qi, acid and yin, can regulate liver, liver wind, main wind of the liver, main wind of the liver, the main wind of the liver, the main wind of the liver, the main wind of the liver, the main wind of the liver,Essence

A pregnant woman who is afraid of hot description:

When I was about to be born, it was just winter, but I was very little to wear at that time, because I always felt very hot. I remember in November. When I was at home, my parents were always with me. I was hot at that time.When you open the window every day, I have to open the window in November.I didn’t say anything from their old couples, I felt that I was so hot.

One day I found how my dad was sitting at home in a cotton jacket.Do I say you are cold?He said yes, did he say you are not cold?I said it was not cold. I was hot every day, very hot, and wearing a small T -shirt, and then when I came out, add a down jacket, which was not cold at all.

Some pregnant women are indeed like this, because the yin of liver and kidney is consumed, and the yin of the liver and kidney allows this body to calm down, like water, because the liver is wood, the kidney belongs to water, and the water allows the body to moisturize.Come down.In the later stages, especially in the late pregnancy, if the liver and kidney is insufficient, she will have this hot performance.

There are also some women who are sweating while sleeping. We call night sweats. This situation belongs to the manifestation of kidney yin deficiency and deficiency fire.

External evil

There are six types of so -called external evils: wind, cold, summer, summer, dampness, dryness, fire, and the other also includes the evil of the epidemic, that is, plague, infectious diseases.If infected with infectious diseases during pregnancy, it is very bad for the fetus and pregnant women.Especially modern research believes that there are some viral diseases, such as rubella virus, influenza virus, giant cell virus, simple herpes cytoplasm, and other viral damage to maternal and infants.

Because these viral diseases can easily cause placenta infections.After the placenta is infected, the fetus is mainly to absorb nutrients from the placenta and combine it with the mother’s body. This placenta is infected. After inflammation, it is equivalent to the fetal transportation.Not good, lack of nutrition.

The other is that the virus can pass, because the virus is a microorganism that is smaller than those bacteria.Directly penetrate the placenta barrier. In this case, it is easy to cause fetal infection, malformations, and congenital diseases. These include chromosomal lesions, as well as tissue cell necrosis and so on.

If you are a intentional mother, you must be pregnant and go to the hospital to check the four viruses. It is very simple. In fact, it is done by dozens of dollars, and then check if you are infected.If so, you can get a vaccine and then get pregnant, which will be more insurance.


The problem of a pregnant woman:

Before I was pregnant, I did not check the four viruses. When I was three months pregnant, the doctor told me to check the four viruses.When I got the results, I was stupid. There was a very high value of a rubella virus. I thought it was finished at the time. Is this child ca n’t ask?

But the doctor looked at the results and said, it doesn’t matter, it’s good, have you had rubella before?I said um.It doesn’t matter if you have antibodies, you won’t get it anymore in the future.But if I have not had a rubella or a vaccine, what is the danger of the child?

If the rubella virus is infected early, it may cause the child to have the following serious problems:

● Congenital cataract;

● Congenital heart disease;

● Deaf;

● Small head deformity;

● Intellectual development disorder and so on.

These combined together are called congenital rubella syndrome. This rubella virus is best for vaccine prevention.General pregnant women may have rubella when they are young, or when they are young, and have immunity, if they are not, it is still very dangerous.The rubella virus is very aggressive, especially in some public places.

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