"Benefit male" and "round belly female"?Can the belly type see the sex of the fetus?The answer is the same as what you think


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One of my friends, when she was pregnant, many people said that she was pregnant with a female treasure, including her mother and mother -in -law::

"Your belly is round, it must be a girl."

My mother -in -law was always a little dissatisfied with this, and she had to regenerate with her intentionally or unintentionally.She was still pregnant at the time, and her mother -in -law said that she had to regenerate one, which made her bored and refused directly.

As soon as her mother -in -law turned her face, she said that she would be knocked off, or she would regenerate a handle in the future. You decided.

Hearing these words, she is very chilling. Is the baby’s gender so important?Determine your baby’s stay alone?It’s so cruel.

As a result, the moment the child was born, I did not expect that the doctor actually said it was a male treasure.

This made her suddenly stunned, and the pain during childbirth did not hurt anymore, and she didn’t believe it until the doctor asked her to see the doll.Moreover, her family, especially her mother -in -law, was particularly excited and couldn’t believe her eyes. The previously fierce attitude also changed a 180 -degree change, and she kept thinking in her mouth: "Oh, this round belly can still give birth to a handleAh! "

Since she had such an experience, she no longer believes in judging the baby’s gender conclusion from the shape of the belly, and she always said, "Don’t listen to other people’s guess, breed her baby well, after birth, the child can be healthy after birth, the child can be healthyGrowth is the most important thing. "

Regarding the shape of a pregnant belly, many people have their own experience. One of the aunts I know said that she guessed it through the "pointed belly man" and "round belly female", and she guessed it right back.

However, this guess is also a probability problem, because the baby’s gender is either male or female, the probability is 50%, and the belly type is either round or pointed, which is also a 50%probability.Therefore, when you guess, the probability of guessing is still very high.

Although there are many statements about belly and fetal gender in the folk, many people have also verified themselves, from a medical perspective, these views have no scientific basis.

From the belly round and tip, it cannot accurately judge the gender of the fetus.

From a scientific perspective, the belly shape of pregnant women is determined by multiple factors, including factors such as the size of the fetus, the fetal position, the body shape of the pregnant woman, and the tension of the muscles.

First, the size of the fetus has a great impact on the belly of the pregnant woman.

In the early pregnancy, the volume of the embryo is small, and it is usually impossible to show obvious changes on the stomach.

With the development of the fetus, the stomach of the pregnant woman will gradually raise, but it cannot judge the gender of the fetus through the shape of the belly.

Because the development speed of each fetus is different, some pregnant women are pregnant, and some are not very arduous. Therefore, the belly shape of the pregnant woman is also related to the size and development speed of the fetus.

Secondly, the body shape of pregnant women will also affect the shape of the belly.

If the pregnant woman is full and the abdomen space is large, the shape of a round drum may appear in the early stages of pregnancy;

Slim pregnant women may have obvious belly raised in the middle of pregnancy.

Moreover, some pregnant women have a narrow pelvis, and there are no places to hide after the uterus is large, so they will protrude forward, and it seems that the belly shape is more sharp.

This is related to the distribution of fat and muscle tension, and has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

Finally, the position and shape of the uterus will also affect the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly.

The position and shape of the uterus varies from individual differences. This is why even if you are pregnant with the same sex, the shape of the belly of different pregnant women will be different.

In addition, the posture and fetal position of the fetus in the uterus will affect the belly of the pregnant mother.

Sometimes the posture of the fetus lying sideways or a positive posture will make the pregnant mother’s belly shape look different, and the morning, middle and late pregnancy will be slightly different.

Hot Mom Quotations:

The belly type does not accurately judge the gender of the fetus. These statements about belly and fetal gender are only the concepts of folk traditions and do not have sufficient scientific basis.

If it is only entertaining guessing, it can also be used as a topic of chatting during pregnancy, but if you decide whether to leave a baby by the belly, this is an irresponsible approach.

Whether it is male treasure or female treasure, it is the treasure of parents and moms, and the crystallization of each other’s love.

During the pregnancy, the baby -care baby, the pregnant mother eats well, sleeps well, and feels good. Only after the baby is born, he can grow up healthy and happy.

Moms, what is your pregnant belly at the time?

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