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This article is "The Story of Mumu and Mumu" written by the patient to "Mu Fangxiang’s Friendship House". I hope that you can help and inspire sisters in the same situation. I also hope that everyone must be full of confidence. "Good pregnancy" will definitely come to knockDoor!

Lili (30 years old)

I got married in 2016, prepared for 4 years, and twice pregnant, and the asks stopped.After the third time, Dr. Mu Fangxiang was prepared to enter the tire protection stage after preparing for pregnancy.diagnosis:

Immune coagulation related adverse pregnancy medication solution:

Aspirin+vitamin C+strong pine+bromide pavilion+calcium tablets+low molecular heparin+Runkang

Diagnosis and treatment

1. Don’t panic, Mumu is very good, as long as he sees him, he feels safe, even if he is just sitting at the door of the clinic.

2. Believe in Mumu, actively cooperate with treatment, strictly follow the doctor’s advice, Mumu will design the most stable and insurance treatment plan according to its comprehensive factors (such as physical factors, economic factors, environmental factors, etc.).

Painful experience

The first embryo was stopped in August 2018 and was in the Trina Hospital in his hometown.At that time, the HCG was only more than 2,000 in 4 weeks, and the doubling rate of the next day was less than 40%. There were more than 70 progesterone units. Local obstetrics and gynecologists opened measone capsules for me.The HCG doubling rate dropped to 20%. When the doctor saw the blood value, he directly told me that the child might be bad. Do n’t think too much. Maybe the embryo itself is not good. This is the natural law of survival of the fittest.

In the 6th week, the HCG value was only more than 8,000, and I wanted to give up. At this time, the B -ultrasound showed the fetal heart bud. The doctor said that since the fetal heart buds have been produced, you can observe another week.On the 7th week, I went to the B -ultrasound in my heart. As a result, the embryo was still developing, with fetal heart sprouts, which was one week younger than the actual pregnancy week.Holding the B -ultrasound results and blood value results (blood value HCG is only more than 10,000), the doctor said that although the actual pregnancy week is smaller, it is normal, because I have irregular menstruation, it may not be tight to the bed late. Wait until the 10th until the 10th.Come again to review B -ultrasound again.

When I heard the doctor’s words, my stunned heart also landed, and then I went to the community to build a file for the baby.Week 10 review B time, B -ultrasound showed embryo stopping, and the educational week was the 8th week.I asked the doctor for the cause of the embryo. The doctor said that it was the survival of the fittest and did not give me any list of the embryo stopping.

The second embryo was stopped in 2019. Because the first tire stopped the abortion, which led to uterine adhesion, I went to Xiangya Yi Affiliated Hospital for uterine adhesion surgery.Difficulty in pregnancy, conceived as soon as possible within 6 months after surgery.

So I opened the second way to prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy.During the pregnancy, Professor You Zhaoling, Hunan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and her apprentice, Liang Huizhen, conditioned her body. After successful pregnancy, she continued to find Professor You Zhaoling to protect the fetus.

The second pregnancy was discovered in the third week, and the blood value was not high at that time.Because of my first fetus experience, I was so careful about this time, taking medicine and feedback on time to Dr. Liang.Five weeks ago, the blood value was normal (HCG doubled is also good belonging to the same type of Gea). By the 5th week of the problem, the HCG doubling rate began to decline, and the blood value was not good. The 5th week was not good.It is particularly difficult for me. Dr. Liang’s fetal protection medicine was broken for 2 days. When the sixth week was checked, HCG was only more than 10,000, and the progesterone was very powerful.Ketone injection+aspirin.

Although the blood value of the seventh week has risen, it is still not ideal. The B -ultrasound shows the fetal heart buds.But I was still worried about watching the blood value, so I planned to protect the fetus with Chinese and Western medicine together. I found Professor Wu Xinhua, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Xiangya First Hospital. Professor Wu was less than about this week.(600 yuan registration fee), at that time, Xinyi said that he had to keep the baby.

After a week after so much, I went to the Xiangya First Affiliated Hospital to see Professor Wu Xinhua in the eighth week. She saw the inspection during my pregnancy (the pre -pregnancy examination is normal).I opened a bunch of tests (immune full set, ANA spectrum testing, MTHFR gene detection, anti -cardin phospholipid antibody, lupus erythematosus, blood flow detection, liver, kidney skills, etc.).Unfortunately, the B -ultrasound showed that the fetus was stopped on the day of the examination results. In the first enchanting hospital of Xiangya, Professor Wu Xinhua personally performed the flow of people for me. No embryo was found in embryo examination.

I have experienced two embryos stopping, especially the second tire stop. After the embryonic is normal, I hate myself, why I did not protect the baby.The doctors said that there is a problem with the embryo that the fetal stop is a problem. This is the natural choice of the survival of the fittest. It is a lie for me, because after Professor Wu Jinhua looked at my examination results, he told me that the reason for the tire stopping may be that I was myself myself.After the problem of coagulation and immunity, my own body killed my baby alive, and the pain of killing my biological and flesh by myself made me unable to recover for a long time …..Then, then

Dr. Mu’s diagnosis and treatment experience here

The encounter with Mumu is also a fate. After two fetal stops, I came into contact with the term "War Wolf" and knew that Fu Jinhua, Liu Xiangyuan, Mu Fangxiang and other professional doctors. I am from Guizhou.Not far from my hometown, I have always wanted to see Dr. Mu Fangxiang, but I couldn’t get the number, so I never came to Chongqing.

Because of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, Mumu during the New Year was a free free clinic on the good doctor. I was fortunate to contact Mumu and uploaded the results of my examination to the doctor. After reading it, I told me that I could try to get pregnant.Come looking for him for 2 months.

Mumu’s words gave me great confidence and security, and I wish to confirm pregnancy on February 28, 2020, at that time it should be the fourth week.After confirming that I was pregnant, I came to Chongqing to consult Mumu (at that time the epidemic was still very serious, and my husband and I secretly drove in Chongqing in the early morning). I met Mumu on March 4th.After all the checklist, I told me a word that I couldn’t forget all my life: "Don’t leave, stay here for a while to observe, I will help you keep the child down."

At that time, when I heard this sentence, my heart was mixed, just like being in the dark, and suddenly the light appeared in front of me to guide me.

I told my husband that day, let’s rent a house, my husband asked me why, when I told my husband that Mumu said to me, my husband agreed to my opinion and drove home overnight to go home and go home overnight.After reporting to leave, drove to Chongqing overnight after doing it.

During the worst epidemic time, my husband and I lived in Chongqing. Fortunately, we were in Chongqing. All inspections from the fourth to eighth week were smooth and good.Mumu, Mumu said, "If you check all indicators today, you can go back."I was immersed in the jump home, and the B ultrasound gave me a heavy blow.

The B -ultrasound shows that the fetal heart is weak, only 96 times/minute.Suddenly I panicked.As a result of getting the B -ultrasound, he rushed to the Mumu to see, but because it was too late, Mumu had left the hospital.I felt dark at the time.Fortunately, I reflected the situation to the little assistant. The little assistant temporarily added the voice number of the night to me. After listening to Mumu’s suggestion, I went to the protein early the next day. When the B -ultrasound was reviewed the next day, the fetusThe heart actually rose up. Although it didn’t rise much, it hadn’t reached the pass line, but fortunately, it rose.After that, he continued to be treated for a period of time under the guidance of Mumu, and finally spent 3 months and NT inspections, and he could go home happily.

Below I have taken my own small pregnancy photos and some examination data from the first three months of pregnancy for other patients ‘reference. I hope that there will be no sisters’ fetal stops.

Previous ultrasound:

March 31st: Gridging sac development 54*22*31; yolk 1: diameter 4.7, germ 17*6.9; yolk 2: diameter 4.1, germ 17*6.7; tire heart rate: germ 1: 168 times/min,Gel 2: 172 times/min.

April 03: The pregnancy sac development is 55*20*46; the yolk 1: diameter is 4.8, the germ 21*7.5; the yolk cycle 2: diameter 4.2, the germ 20*8;Gel 2: 169 times/minute.In

April 08: The gestational sac is developed 50*44*36; the yolk 1: 26.1mm length of the head and hip; the yolk 26mm length of the head and hip; the fetal heart beat.(Double -sided uterine arteries are diastolic and no disconnection is found).

April 16: The development of the gestational sac is 62*35*69; the yolk 1: 5.3 diameter, the head and hip length of 38mm; the yolk 2: diameter 5.7 hip length 38mm; fetal heart rate: germ 1: 181 times/min, germ, germ, germ2: 179 times/min.(Pi, RI, S/D are normal on the right uterine arteries, and the left uterine arterial trunk PI, RI, S/D increase).

April 23: Single fluffy double sheep, the placenta is located on the front wall of the uterus, 14mm thick, level 0.Fetal 1. The distance between the fetal 2 umbilical pitch is 33mm.The length of the cervix is 30mm, and the cervical mouth is not obviously open.



At present, I have monitored the growth of the little baby according to the inspection time given by Mumu and the project. At present, everything is good.It will be inspected the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound immediately, hoping to be as smooth as ever.


This article was created and submitted by Dr. Mu Fangxiang’s patients. A small amount was revised with the consent of the patient. Thanks to the patient’s narrative, unavailable reprinting without permission.I hope to help and inspire the sisters in the same situation. I wish you all a lot of pregnancy and smoothness!

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