"Barbie Doll", it is difficult to get pregnant

We all know that the human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes, and the male sex chromosomes that determine gender are XY and women are XX.However, there are such a small number of people who are XXX. They are women in appearance, generally developing normal, and more intellectuals are affected; exogenous genitals are the same as normal women, but sex adenal dysplasia, some people have small uterus, there will be varying degreesAmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, extremely low fertility or even loss of fertility.This sexual chromosome abnormal disease is called super female syndrome.

Patients of super female syndrome are also called "Barbie dolls". The height of patients is usually higher than ordinary women.Although slim and tall, the trunk is not proportional to the limbs, just like a Barbie doll.

When Director Tian Ying, the family of reproductive health and infertility, saw her, found that she was rosy and good -looking, and saw her medical records and chromosomes.Examination results show that primary infertility, ovarian reserve function decrease, super female syndrome, sub -clinical thyroid dysfunction.When she had been seeking medical treatment, when she found chromosomal 47, XXX, and super female syndrome, she was told that "no need to continue watching, you don’t have the hope of your child." She felt desperate, but did not want to give up easily.Director Tian Ying was very sympathetic to her condition, but firmly believed that she could find hope.

Because she has only 6 basic follicles during menstruation, AMH: 0.394, FSH: 14.25; and because of the loss of ovarian reserve function, and fully trusting Director Tian Ying, a generation of IVF pregnancy is selected.Under the careful care of Director Tian, the first and second cycles have been adhered to 3 eggs to take 3 eggs in the third cycle, forming 2 transplantable embryos.After the fresh embryo transplant, she was pregnant successfully!

In the later period, the process of fetal preservation was relatively smooth, the embryo developed normally, and now graduated from NT.And after non -invasive DNA screening, fetal chromosomes are also normal!Director Tian Ying of Hebei Reproductive Hospital once again created a miracle with superb medical skills and unremitting insistence!

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