"Auntie" is not late?Or these 5 reasons are "making monsters", don’t care

Menstruation is a very close friend of women. Under normal circumstances, it will come on time every month, but sometimes menstruation will also be playful, sometimes they come early, and sometimes they will not come. At this timeThe diseased factors can only be treated for targeted treatment to avoid more serious problems, especially when menstruation is not delayed, it is likely to affect women’s chances of conception.

1. Excessive weight loss

Excessive weight loss can lead to malnutrition. At this time, women are prone to menstruation.Some women lose weight blindly in order to lose weight as soon as possible, but ignore the body’s needs for nutrition.

As everyone knows, diet or a single diet, although it will reduce weight in a short period of time, it will lead to malnutrition. If you lose weight through weight loss pills, it will also affect the endocrine system of the human body. Over time, menstruation will be delayed.It will even lead to amenorrhea, so women lose weight moderately.

2. In the negative emotions

Emotions will also affect menstruation, and sometimes even cause menstruation to be delayed. For example, emotional fluctuations are relatively large, and often in nervousness or anxiety, it will stimulate the brain nerve system, thereby suppressing the reproductive endocrine axis.When the system is stimulated, it will affect the function of the ovarian. At this time, the menstrual cycle will naturally change, and the delay is reasonable.

Therefore, women should maintain good emotions. When there is pressure in their hearts, they must talk to others to avoid delay of menstruation due to overwhelming.

3. Pregnancy

If women are pregnant, menstruation will naturally stop. Therefore, when menstruation does not come, first test with a pregnancy test stick. If the result is not accurate, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.In addition to stopping menstruation, pregnancy can also lead to changes in appetite and even disgusting symptoms.

4. Gynecological disease

Gynecological diseases are formed due to endometrial endometrium. If menstruation does not come, there may be problems with uterus, such as endometritis, uterine dysplasia, and so on.In addition, the endometrium can fall off on time, and it also has a certain relationship with hormone stimulation secreted by ovarian. Therefore, when ovarian problems occur, menstruation may not be delayed due to abnormal hormone secretion, such as ovarian syndrome, ovarian nests, ovarian nestsFunctional recession and so on.

5. Chronic disease

If you have chronic diseases but not treated in time, menstruation may also occur, such as chronic hepatitis, anemia, tumors, and so on.When the attack of chronic diseases, it will affect the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, which will cause malnutrition, which will affect the menstrual cycle and delayed menstruation.

Kind tips

If the menstruation is delayed due to excessive weight loss or emotions, then you must learn to adjust your diet and mood, and stick to your menstruation for a period of time.If menstruation is delayed due to gynecological diseases or chronic diseases, then active treatment of primary diseases should be actively treating, otherwise it may occur in advance., Not only to take folic acid on time, but also maintain a balanced nutrition.

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