"Aunt Auntie" has gone for a week. If at the same time in the same room, will you get pregnant unexpectedly?

For women in the age -age period, ovulation ovulation once a month, that is, according to the normal cycle, women will come to an aunt scripture once a month.If it is menstrual period, couples must be strictly unable to live in the life of husband and wife, otherwise they will bring great health and trouble to women.

So in the menstrual period of non -aunt, some husbands and wives will also worry about the same room and whether they will be pregnant unexpectedly.Therefore, many husbands and wives hope to avoid the time of accidental conception and enjoy a beautiful "sexual blessing" life.

For example, some people choose to start a week of intercourse between husband and wife after the aunt’s scripture is over.So, will this reduce the chance of conception or not to get pregnant?You need to know about these 3 common sense.

1. After a week of cleaning, my aunt may still have an unexpected pregnancy.

Some husbands and wives think that the aunt’s scriptures have gone, and the time of ovulation in the next time has not yet arrived, so it will not be unexpectedly conceived at all. In fact, it is wrong to hold this luck.Everything is possible. For some women who are not very good in their aunts, this is not responsible for themselves.

Therefore, do n’t make such an attempt before you do n’t know your aunt’s menstrual cycle or without absolute grasp. In the end, it is likely to damage your health.

2. Is there an absolute safety period, you can avoid accidental pregnancy

In fact, for the "safety period", there is no such explanation in medicine, so you should remind you that if you do not want to usher in the baby, it is best not to try the so -called "safety period".When taking contraception, it is best to take some insurance measures, otherwise even in the safe period, it will not be full of safety.

In particular, some aunts who are not very good at first. At this time, it is best not to believe in the so -called safe period. The method of contraception directly with insurance will be better.

3. Who is the "safe period" more likely to conceive

As mentioned earlier, if it is some, women who are often unstable in the cycle of the aunt, such as sometimes once every 15 days, and sometimes every dozens of days, which will make you unclear the law of ovulation time.At this time, it is very unreliable to choose the so -called aunts to define a week after the end of the scriptures.

In addition, there are some women with short cycles of aunts. Do not try this way.

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