"Amazing" 1,40 weeks of real process map

By 4-5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can clearly feel the fetal movement and can perceive the condition of the fetus flip or torture. The whole pregnancy needs to be waiting for 280 days.In the development of development, Xiaobian specially collected some information from the Internet. It is about the real map of the real human process of 1.40 weeks of pregnancy. Come and see.

The first week: the beginning of the new life, starting from the last menstruation of women;

The second week: After the female ovulation, the egg is waiting to meet sperm;

The third week: the sperm and egg are successfully combined into fertilized eggs, the fertilized eggs are constantly divided, and the number of cells increases;

Fourth week: The current embryo is like a sesame size, and the length is less than one -inch;

Week 5: At this time, the fetus is like lentils, and he looks very small;

Week 6: The fetal baby is like peanuts, and he already has a heartbeat;

Week seventh: Fetail baby is like a mountainberry, and his length is about one inches long;

Week eighth: Fetal babies are like grapes, slightly longer than one inch;

Week ninth: fetus is like strawberries, at this time, it is about 1.67 inches;

Week tenth: The fetus is like a small carrot, and the weight is about a quarter of the ounce;

Week 11: The fetus is like lime, and the rest of the body is about the same as that of his small head;

Week twelfth: The baby is like an orange, and he starts to suck and reflect;

Week thirteen: The fetus is like apricot, and his fingerprint has grown on his small fingers;

Week 14: The fetus is like big lemon, and he has begun to suck his thumb;

Week fifteen: The fetus is like an apple. It is about 4 inches long and two ounces weigh;

Week 16: At this time, the baby is as somewhat as available. The pregnant mother’s pregnancy gradually fades, and it will feel much easier;

Week 17: The baby is like sweet potato, and his small ears have been completely formed;

Week eighteenth: The baby is like green pepper, and the baby’s reproductive organs have developed obvious at this time;

Week nineteen: The baby is like a green onion. If it is a female treasure, her ovaries have developed;

Week 20: The baby is like a big mango. He already has fetal movement, and the pregnant mother will feel that he has kicked you;

Week 21: The baby is like grapefruit. He is more than 8 inches long and weighs about 12 ounces;

Week 22: The baby is like corn. Her eyes are completely formed, but the color cannot be distinguished;

Week 23: The baby is as small as shallot, about 11 inches long, and weighs a pound;

Twenty -four weeks: The fetal baby is as size as a cabbage, and his taste is beginning to develop;

Week 25: The fetal baby is like zucchini, weighs 1 to 1 pound;

Week 26: At this time, the baby is like a coconut, and the length is more than 1/3 inch;

Week 27: The baby is like a rubber -shaped melon, and he began to develop regular sleep and sober cycle;

Week 28: The baby is like the size of winter pumpkin, 14 inches in length, and weighs 2 pounds;

Week 29: The baby is like a round bag, and the length is more than 14 inches;

Week thirty: At this time, the baby is as big as the size of eggplant, weighs a little more than 3 pounds;

Week 31: The baby is as small as celery stems, her skin is pink;

Week 32: The baby is like two cauliflowers, weighing between 4 and 4 pounds;

Week 33: The baby is like a sweet potato. At this time, there are a lot of amniotic fluid in the stomach;

Week 34: The baby is like honeydew, and the milk in pregnant mothers has been secreted in milk in the breasts;

Week 35: The baby is almost the same as Sitergua, between 17-18 inches;

Week 36: The baby and Chinese cabbage are about the same size, and the head may already be down at this time;

Week 37: The baby and the winter melon are about the same size, weighing 6-7 pounds;

Week 38: Babies and pineapples are generally large, up to 7 pounds;

Week 39: Baby is like a small watermelon size, 18-20 inches long;

Week 40: The baby is as large as the pumpkin, 19-21 inches long, weighing 6.75-10 pounds.

Watching the fetal baby developing and growing day by day, the pregnant mother felt the baby’s change day by day, and finally waited until the moment they met the baby. Presumably, the mothers felt extremely happy and content.

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