"After breaking up with the predecessor, I found that I am pregnant" girl, treat the predecessor a little bit more

Chapter 01

Some women are really stupid. They are naive to keep men’s promises, take the man’s vowing seriously, and make it difficult to recover after the sincerity.

Just like Wang Baozheng easily believed in Xue Pinggui’s "waiting for me to come back", it was eighteen years to keep the cold kiln; Zhuo Wenjun believed in Sima Xiangru’s vow, and easily abandoned the religion, and hoeed with him regardless of everything.But what about their ending?Isn’t it all the boredom of her husband?

Fortunately, Zhuo Wenjun was smart enough, and finally used a poem to save Sima Xiangru’s heart.But can two people really return to the past?

Therefore, women are always so naive. When they are together, they always think about men and look very low.Even if it was separated, I couldn’t help but want to look back. I couldn’t help but consider the other party.

Actually, women really have to be cruel to men, especially their predecessors, and they have broken up. Don’t nostalgia anymore. Treating the predecessor is the greatest respect for themselves.

Chapter 02

Lili and her boyfriend Li Hao ended the relationship for three years, because Li Hao said that three years have been destroyed by his feelings. He feels that he has no passion, and he has no deep feelings for Lily.

He said that love cannot be reluctant, so he said decisively and left completely.

Lili stayed for a long time and worked hard many times. She tried hysteria and tried to keep it, but Li Hao still reluctant to look back.Essence

After two months of break -up, what worried Lily had happened and she was pregnant.

When she was pregnant, Lily collapsed.This child came too much. After he broke up with his boyfriend, she didn’t know what to do.

If it was before, she would confess to Li Hao, then proposed to get married, and look forward to the wedding of two people, but now she really does not know what to do. Li Hao’s attitude made her scared when breaking up.

Therefore, she asked her girlfriend Xiaoqi to the house and wanted Xiao Qi to help her get an idea. She is now six gods. She really does not know what to do.

Chapter 03

Xiaoqi received a call from Lili, and when she heard the cry of Lilly’s collapse in her mobile phone, she hurriedly rushed over.

Maybe when she saw the close person, Lily’s tight heart suddenly relaxed, and her tears fell like the broken beads.

Xiaoqi could only handle her paper towels and kept comforting her, saying, "Now things have become a set, crying is useless. You and Li Hao have broken up. This child must not ask. I accompany you to the hospital."

Lili said, "I … I want to tell Li Hao, see if he wants this child, if he wants, we will reunite and give birth to the child. If he doesn’t want it, I will go to the hospital again."

Xiaoqi listened, very angry, and said, "Why are you so stupid? Li Hao dumped you. It was useless to retain so many times before. I still want to use this child to keep him?You, this child can’t. Of course, Li Hao should know this. He must not only know, but also take care of you and bear his responsibility. "

Lili said, "I can’t bear it, that’s the person I like, how can I bear to let him bear this?"

Xiao Qi hated Tie Gang and said, "Then you bear to eat these bitterly? Why do you always want to be wronged for him, I tell you, you not only want him to bear these, and wait for surgery, you will separate immediately.In the future, the bridge is returning to the bridge road. If you never contact, you are not tough to him, you are torture yourself. "

Chapter 04

That day, Xiaoqi persuaded Lily for a long time. After finishing all the truths she could think of, Lily thought about it.

Later, under the company and arrangement of Xiaoqi, Lily met Li Hao and told Li Hao and asked him to bear the responsibility he should bear.

At that time, Li Hao, Xu, because he couldn’t get his conscience, he said sorry to Lily, but he didn’t propose a compound thing. Lily finally understood that even the child could not keep him.

After going to the hospital, Lili deleted all Li Hao’s contact information. She felt that Xiao Qi was right, and she really had to be cruel to men, otherwise she would be cruel to herself.

The reason is really simple, but how many girls can really see through?Love makes women lose their minds, especially after breaking up, let alone see the relationship between the two people, so grab the savior straw that can be caught and desperately retain men.

But how can a man who doesn’t love you in love with you again because of your retention?

Treating this, what you have to do is to leave completely. From then on, Yangguan Daogu Bridge, you have each other, and there is no longer with each other.

I hope that all girls can love themselves more. For men, especially their predecessors, we must be more heartbroken. Do not use other people’s mistakes to torture themselves, and leave the heart to those who should not stay.

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