"25 years old, divorced as soon as I was pregnant": The marriage in marriage is more terrible than the husband’s derailment. This is this

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If you warm your heart, let’s say a little more, and the hug time is longer.

When did you find that he has changed?

You obviously ate on a table, but his eyes no longer look at you.

He looked down at the phone, or was holding the game; you brushed American dramas with a tablet and ate snacks. The two did not talk about the topic of each other. They sat on the side of the sofa and were speechless.

24 hours a day, two o’clock in the morning and evening, like a formula of infinite cycle, no quarrels, no derailment, no sweet at all.

You are thinking, maybe, there is no love between us?

"It’s better, divorce …"

This inner monologue is like the status quo of the emotional life of many people.

There is a hot topic on Zhihu: a relationship, from nothing to nothing to say, how long did you spend?

In the answer of netizens, people who are about half a year to one year have accounted for the majority.

Because the initial heart of love is maintained by hormones, and its shelf life is exactly one year.

75%of couples do not have more than one minute of chatting.

Some people say that this popular marriage model is "marriage silence".Simply put, it is not divorced or chatting.

A set of data from the China Marriage Consultation Research Center is shocking.

It shows that of all the types of marriage, the proportion of "speechless marriage" accounted for 78%!

The daily conversation time between the husband and wife is less than 10 minutes.

Many men’s understanding of marriage is limited to well -behaved children, a wife who does not make trouble, and a stable and rich material life.

But they never knew that how many women could afford the burden of life, but they couldn’t afford the loneliness of marriage?

Zhu An said in "I am also Lu Xun’s relics: Zhu An Chuan":

"I am proud, because I am the wife of Zhou Shuren. I am also painful.

Some time ago, the incident of the second child’s mother jumped off the building and committed suicide.

She didn’t hesitate, without stay, and resolutely jumped down from the 11th floor, leaving her 5 -year -old son and a 2 -year -old daughter.The root cause was because she was depressed after giving birth, and she did not get a little care from her husband, so she was disappointed and embarked on the way.

So there is a speechless marriage, far more than any calamity in marriage.

In Zhihu, there was a topic that made countless women shed tears after marriage:

If there is a afterlife, will you still be willing to marry your current husband?

Everyone’s message sentence:

, 世: If there is a life, I will not marry my current husband, or even know him anymore.Now I understand that the loneliness in my heart is the real loneliness.

Xiao Wei: I won’t choose him anymore, because the love I have paid is not proportional. He delayed me too much and wasted me too much.


From the tears and vomiting of women’s laughter, we can probably see that too many women are not satisfied with their marriage after their marriage.

The reason for their disappointment actually came from those small things in life.

I think it is:

"Make a table you like to eat, only I eat it alone."

"Do you know, I’m 4 weeks pregnant?"

"Do you know how long you didn’t kiss me?"

"I don’t want a brand -name bag, I just want you hug!"

We got married in the purpose of the last life, but in the end we made each other the worst people.

Regarding marriage, Victoria once wrote a paragraph to explain its meaning:

When you are the most helpless and weak, when you are the most frustrated and disappointed, he will hold your chin, accompany you around, and bear the fate together.

A good marriage requires companionship, praise, and rejoicing.

Happiness marriage has no shortcuts, only operations.

Lin Yutang said in "My Country and My People": "Marriage is like a carved boat, to see how you appreciate it and how to drive it."

After watching the previous "My Family Little Two", I believe that many people have been sweet by Qi Wei and Li Chengyi.

For 5 years of marriage, the child is 4 years old. It is reasonable to have a period of love, but the life of the couple is still high.

After a lapse of 4 years, Qi Wei once again made soup for Li Chengyi. The man still couldn’t wait to mobilize all emotions to coax his wife to be happy. In words, he was full of affirmation and praise for his wife.

After accidentally provoking his wife, he also wrote his desire to live on his face, worried about his wife’s anger, and did not miss any opportunity to "shoot".

I am grateful for his wife’s "only encouragement and not complaining", and is willing to follow his wife.

I will also take the initiative to review myself: "In the past five years, do you think I can’t do it in place, I hope I can improve what parts I can improve."

Someone asked Qi Wei: "When can I meet a man like (Li Chengyi)."

She proudly said: "True love is never encountered, it is developed."

In this world, none of them were inherently fitted, but they had been together for a long time, and they took the initiative to compose the shape that adapted to each other.

Good love is to be able to resist the long time and still love you as before.

Love is not just the mountain alliance’s oaths, the paper is short and long; it is also the rice oil and salt.

A pair of old couples in "Fruit of Life", who was 90 years old, was 87 years old.

From green silk to white hair, I have been working with each other for 65 years, but they did not fight for red ears.

Asked the secret of love, they talked about the details of life.

For example, grandma likes to eat bread as breakfast, and Grandpa prefers side dishes such as rice with sea moss, natto, and they will prepare two different foods.

After repairing Grandpa, he didn’t like to eat vegetables, and grandma silently squeezed the vegetables into juice instead of stuffing it for him.

Yingzi said, "The biggest wish for me to cook is to hear him say deliciously."

Xiu Yi said: "Every time I eat the meals made by Yingzi, they just praise it quickly -it’s delicious."

One food and one soup is bland, but the mood of cooking with the heart is full of love, all love.

The grandmother laughed and helped the grandfather with a steamed fish to show care. The grandpa was delicious.

They sat next to the dining table and looked at each other with a smile from time to time, and the warmth was flowing around.

She made three meals for him for 65 years, and he loved her for half a whole life.

Marriage is actually like stewed soup. From romance to passion, it will eventually return to the bland of pots and pans.

The soup is boiled little by little, marriage is to keep little by little, and the family keeps fresh little by little.

The true life of the real day and night still has to sit and chat together like a secular diet. It can be said that the future, the child, and everything that can be said to be important or not.

"Disappearing Lovers" said: "Marriage is to compromise with each other, work hard, and then work harder to operate, communicate and compromise, and then operate again."

Knowing and knowing each other, everything is too difficult to come. When choosing a marriage, you should respect each other in order to live up to the original affection.

Before each woman became a wife, she was the pearl of her family, with her own girl dream.

But after getting married, they laughed for your "long skirt and soup for Jun."

Therefore, I hope that every man can wait gentle to his wife. After all, she stepped off the pumpkin car in the fairy tale for you and entered the fireworks on earth.

Please don’t let her be lonely, don’t let her no one can rely on!

If you warm your heart, let’s say a little more, and the hug time is longer.

She will definitely see, and she will understand your heart.

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